“I went to Dr Blackie for years and years. I was so lucky, I was recommended to her, before I had my first child when I was under a lot of stress working in films and television. A friend said to me the best thing in the world you can do is go and see Dr Blackie, so then I became one of her patients until she retired.

Her little powders were absolutely magical and once I started going to her I needed to go less and less because I became healthier and healthier and started to think of my health in the right way.”

Susan Hampshire OBE, Vice President of The Blackie Foundation Trust

- Anonymous


“Homeopathy and a painful sacro iliac joint. (2007)
I went to see Dr X in despair. I had been having difficulty in climbing stairs because my right hip had become so painful. In fact it was so bad that I had started to ration the number of trips I made up the stairs at home. Dr X gave me a constitutional remedy as a powder – in my case Pulsatilla. I took the three doses, one at lunchtime, one at bedtime and the third when I awoke. I was astonished to find that all pain had completely disappeared. I could trip upstairs as many times as I wanted – no pain. It was like a miracle! I’d seen no other doctors or therapists, had done no exercises and had had no other treatment at all. The condition vanished solely because of the remedy. Even though I have used homeopathy for nearly thirty years, I was amazed – and very relieved!
Homeopathy and pain from an extracted wisdom tooth (c. 1992)
I had had a wisdom tooth removed in the dentist’s chair but this was followed by a constant ache. I went back to see the dentist but he could offer no solution. The nagging pain persisted for months. I then went to see an facial maxilliary surgeon, to ask for his advice on getting rid of the pain. This surgeon had earlier removed the other wisdom tooth under anesthetic with no problems. The surgeon could do nothing to help. I went to see Dr X and was prescribed Hypericum tabs. I bought these, popped one in my mouth as I walked down the street and within minutes the pain went, never to return.“

- CC, Essex


“I have been a user of Homoeopathic medicines for over 35 years.
I was seriously ill with ulcerative colitis in my twenties, and the allopathic treatment was not solving my problems. I always felt the drugs were simply suppressing the symptoms and not getting to the root of the problem.
I felt there had to be other solutions for me.
I consulted Dr Y when I was at a very low ebb, and was delighted to be seen in such a holistic manner. Every aspect of my life was taken in to account, my diet, my breathing and my temperament.
After a spell in the Homoeopathic hospital in London, where I became much stronger, a series of diets were tried, alongside the remedies. The first diet did not help, but the second was not far short of miraculous. Within 10 days I was 50% better, and continued to improve very fast.
I had previously been told by a surgeon that I would never get better, that I should face the fact and that I would have to have my colon removed. Now at the age of 60, I am still well, and have never had surgery.
I have been amazed at the efficacy of the remedies I have been prescribed over the years, but I also use familiar remedies on myself for minor ailments frequently, often with spectacular success. My favourites are Nux Vomica, Silicea, Arnica and Aconite.“

- AB, London