Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

The Blackie Foundation Lectures

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

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The Trust hosts and sponsors the Blackie Memorial Lecture. The 11th lecture was entitled: ‘Children of the 90s. Evidence for homeopathy?‘ and was held on Thursday the 26th January 2006. It was delivered by Professor Jean Golding as part of a Conference entitled ‘Improving the success of Homeopathy 5: A Global Perspective.’ organised by the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.

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Previous lectures.

10th: Homeopathy: A Waste of time ? 
by Dr David Spence. 3rd April 2003

9th: Homeopathy. Progress and Promise. A critical perspective. 
by Jay Borneman. 22nd February 2001

8th: Homeopathy versus orthodoxy – the current state of play. 
by Mr. Galen Ives. 1999.

7th: Proving the unbelievable. 
by Dr. Klaus Linde. 7th December 1995.

6th: Concepts of holism in orthodox and alternative medicine.
by Professor Michael Baum ChM FRCS. 30th June 1992.

5th: The spiritual dimension of medical care.
by Dr. John M. Grange MSc MD. 15th November 1990.

4th: Is there a bridge between homeopathy and conventional medicine ?
by Professor Paul Turner. 15th November 1988.

3rd: Dr Margery Blackie: The Dedicated Teacher.
by Dr R. A. F. Jack MB, ChB, MRCGP, FBSMDH, FFHom. 2nd June 1987.

2nd: Margery Blackie – The Woman.
by Constance Babington Smith MBE, FRSL. 23rd April 1985.

1st: Homeopathy: The end of the beginning.
by Dr. R.J.F.H. Pinsent OBE, MA, MD, FRCGP, FRACGP, MFHom. (1983)

All the lectures have been published and copies may be obtained by contacting the Trust Administrator via the Contact Us page.

Fork Suppers

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Margery Blackie used to hold regular Fork Suppers to introduce doctors to the ideas of homeopathy and to invite debate on the subject. One of the constant challenges to the homeopathic community is to inform enough doctors about the possibilities of homeopathy. At a Blackie Foundation Trust Fork Supper, a small group of invited guests, who may or may not be adherents to or supporters of homeopathy, gather together. A homeopathic doctor will then give a talk about homeopathy. Good quality light meals and drinks are provided, during or after which, questions and answers are informally taken in a relaxed atmosphere.

Are you a potential speaker?
If you would be interested in becoming a speaker at one of the Trust’s Fork Suppers, please get in touch with the Trust Administrator with your ideas.

Would you like to host a fork supper?
The foundation is keen to hold similar events around the country, so if you know of a group of doctors who would be interested or would like to organise something similar yourself, please contact the Trust.

Would you like to sponsor a Fork Supper?
If you, or your company, would like to sponsor the costs of a Blackie Foundation Fork Supper, and would like to know what sponsorship brings, please click here.