Make a Donation

Donations represent a major part of the Trust’s income and over the years, legislation has made it not only easier for supporters to contribute, but also more tax-efficient for all concerned. Today, donations may be given in a variety of ways:

Single Donations
You can donate to the Trust either by clicking on the link below or by sending your cheque to the address on the Contact Us page. The Trust would very much appreciate UK taxpayers using the Gift Aid Scheme described below to increase the value of the gift.

Regular Payments
If you would like to make regular contributions towards the Trust’s work, we have a Banker’s Order form available to download here. The Gift Aid Scheme works for regular donations, too, and the Gift Aid form needs to be completed only once.

Payroll Giving
Payroll Giving is a unique way to give to charity. By having your donation deducted from your salary before tax, it increases in value. As it is tax free, a donation of £5 per month, for example, costs a basic rate tax payer only £3.90 and the Inland Revenue pays the difference. For more details, see the Payroll Giving in Action website. All tax information given here was correct at the time of going to press, but to be sure, please contact your financial adviser.

Gift Aid 
Under this scheme, the Trust reclaims from the Inland Revenue the basic rate of tax on the gift. Your donation of, say, £100 then becomes £128.20 for the Trust. A full explanation of the Gift Aid Scheme is included on our donation forms.